STEX Portfolio Market Value Downloader

For clients who only have STEX Portfolio Manager 7 & 8 (Download not suitable for STEX Charting)

  • Inexpensive download of ASX stocks and warrant closing prices, for portfolio reporting
  • Prices available daily
  • Automatically adds your static market values
  • Download what you require
  • Market values immediately available for your reporting
  • We maintain
    • previous 3 months of daily data
    • previous 12 months of end-of-month prices
    • previous 2 years of end-of-quarter price

To be able to use this new download service you need to download and install the STEX Download installer (below)

  • The file downloaded will be StexMVDL.exe
When download starts you will be asked to either :-
  • "Open" - this will download and install the Stex Downloader OR.
  • "Save" - specify a location to save the file eg Desktop. When file downloaded to that folder, double-click the file to install
  • Send STEX a completed download application form
  • STEX will advise your Download User ID

To download the Market Value Downloader and install program select the version of STEX Portfolio Manager you have on your computer :-