HOW TO DOWNLOAD UPDATES (Stex Charting and/or STEX Portfolio Manager)

Downloading version 9 updates - the program need not be closed but will need to be closed then opened after the download for the changes to take effect.
Downloading version 8 - before downloading make sure the application you are updating is closed.
Click the link of the download required.
A download window will be displayed.
There are 2 methods you can use:-
  1. OPEN - this method downloads and installs the update for you.
  2. SAVE - this method requires you to select a folder, on your computer, in which to save the downloaded file. When downloaded you need to located that file, using either My Computer or Windows Explorer, then double-click the file to install it or select START then RUN locate the file downloaded and click OK

Vista, WINDOWS 7 or 8 users - It is best to Save the file on your computer (as in 2 above). Click the file with your right-mouse button and select 'Run as administrator'