Update for Stex Charting 5/2/04

(Only for clients who have version 7 and 7F

Download and install the update STEX Charting 7F

Download and install the update for STEX Charting 7

(When you click to download the patch, selecting OPEN will automatically download and install the update for you)


A stock with a new code AUX began trading 25/11/03. This code is causing an problem in the downloading and update procedure

When the update is installed, open STEX Charting then :-

  1. click on Tools>Adjust Data for Issues>Automatic Adjustments. Look for the code AUX and if there edit and change to 1AUX (There may be more than one AUX showing so change these to 1AUX as well).
  2. Open the Name File (File>Open>Name File) Sort the list in code sequence (Edit>Sort List>By Code) look for the code AUX. If it is there delete the row - click on the row then Edit>Delete Row/s. Save the list.
  3. Re-download and update the missing data - Download>Stex Download>Data>Collect Data for Particular Date/s

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